Experimenting With Light & Angles

Doesn't Stink Bait look like he is deep in thought?


Just Pray...

One of my favs...


First Post!

Welcome to my page! I wanted my very first post to be of my inspiration for this site! Meet Tater Bug! It is because of him that led me in this direction. I love photography, but I have really taken to it since he was born 3 years ago! I am constantly striving for that *perfect* picture of him. Four days ago, I got my first major piece of equipment... my Canon 40D! So far, I LOVE it! I am starting this photography business because I love to photograph and I love kids! Hopefully, it will grow and so will I! I always want honesty when commenting about my pictures. Good or Bad. I can't learn if I don't get the negative as well as positive! I also need practice! Please let me know if you are interested in letting me take pictures of your kiddos!